A Bike Trip a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know how great biking is. So we don’t need to convince you. To further increase your enthousiasm, we listed all the health facts to make you love biking even more!

Biking leads to….

Increase in productivity.

Starting your day with biking improves your productivity. According to the University of Bristol, employees who exercised boost their motivation, capability to handle stress and improved the management of their workload and time.

Losing Weight

According to the University of East Anglia(UEA) people who biking instead of driving to work lose weight on average between 1kg and 7kg for longer distances.

An increase life expectancy

According to the University of the Utrecht, 75 minutes of biking a week increases the life expectancy with six months.

Being more healthy.

An research of Brunet University in London showed that people who bike to work are 6 times as healthy as other workers.

Lowers risk on heart and metal diseases

Biking for three hours per week decreases the risk of heart disease with 50%. There is also more research done on the link between outdoor exercising and depression, anxiety, and stress.